<VERMEER> - from a series of "Art of Painting" / <VERMEER> - 「絵画芸術」シリーズより

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title:<VERMEER> - from a series of "Art of Painting" / <VERMEER> - 「絵画芸術」シリーズより
artist:Makoto Murata / 村田 真
media:oil on canvas / キャンバスに油彩
size:32 x 24 x 3.5 cm

*本作は展示風景画像内の右から4番目の作品となります。/ This work will be the 4th work from the right in the exhibition image.



Makoto Murata has worked actively as an art journalist after serving for PIA as an editor and was in charge of "Van Gogh" and "Vermeer" issue of Seiyo-kaiga no kyosho (Masters of Western Painting) series (Shogakukan). He also published Bijutsuka ni naruniwa (How to Become an Artist) (2002, Naruniwa BOOKS) and Cloer Perspectives on Art (2010, BankART), collecting his exhibition reviews published on a web magazine "artscape" for a decade since 1999. He currently serves as the principal at BankART School along with writing art reviews on the Asahi Shimbun and the Hokkaido Shimbun Press. He has made significant contributions to the art world in Japan over years.

While known as a journalist from the critic side, Murata restarted making his own works as an artist 12 years ago, three decades after his graduation from an art college. He started his artistic activity with painting Vermeer’s “picture in picture.” Since then, he has presented works such as “Tofu Painting” where he used the canvas itself to resemble a tofu, a grilled tofu or a deep-fried bean curd after examining “Tofu” by Yuichi Takahashi, and the “Series of Great Masters” and the “Art of Painting” series, where he painted covers of art books on the canvas to resemble the books themselves. Murata creates works by referring to art history from his unique perspective as an art journalist who has critiqued art works in an objective way for years.

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¥88,000 tax included