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Bending the Neck II / 首を曲げる(2)

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title:Bending the Neck II / 首を曲げる(2)
artist:Korehiko Hino / 日野之彦
media:color pencil on paper *framed
sheet size:H60 × W50 cm

2005年のVOCA賞受賞後、インパクトの強い人物像を描く独特の画風が一躍注目されることとなった日野之彦。その後は、静物画や風景画、水彩、色鉛筆によるドローイング、彫刻作品などあらゆるメディアでの表現に挑戦し続けてきました。 日野は筑波大学在学中、人体や静物画のデッサンを多く描いてきたと語ります。現在の日野が描く現実とも非現実とも捉えることのできるギリギリの境界線上に存在する世界観は、大学時代からの修練による画力のもとに成立していると言えるでしょう。日野作品の基礎とも言えるドローイングによる作品は、単なる油彩作品の素描ではなく、どの作品も独立した一作品として制作されており、油彩作品と同様に人気を博してまいりました。


Korehiko Hino dramatically acquired attention after he had won the VOCA Prize in 2005 for his unique style of conspicuous portraits. Since then, Hino has continuously attempted to expand his practice into varied genres and media including still life, landscape, watercolor, colored pencil drawing, sculpture, and more others. Hino speaks that he drew a number of portraits and still lifes while studying in University of Tsukuba. Perhaps the unique world in his recent works, which lies right on the boundary between the reality and the unreality, were possible by the drawing skills he acquired through repetitive trainings he had been continuing since university. Hino’s drawings, which could be seen as the very foundation of the artist’s creation, have not been simple sketches of his oil paintings yet respective artworks on their own, and have been acclaimed as highly as his oil paintings.

This work shows a peculiar composition which captures a man standing on a high place from below. In 2015, when Hino was working on his sculpture works, he noticed how a human body could be seen differently as the distance changes, and came up of utilizing the perspective in his two-dimensional work. Hino has examined depiction of the body by thoroughly removing the elements to identify the person including gender, age, social status, generations, and emotions throughout his oeuvre.

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¥410,000 tax included