“Vertical Time, or Stairway Time” / 『垂直の時間、あるいは階段時間』

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仕様:29 x 31 cm、56ページ、モノクロ+カラー、ED500
テキスト:水沢 勉、河口龍夫
発行:SNOW Contemporary



56 pages, 29 x 31 cm, b/w and color, ED500
89 Works by Tatsuo Kawaguchi from the “Vertical Time, or Stairway Time” exhibition in 2015.
Essays by Tatsuo Kawaguchi and Tsutomu Mizusawa (only in Japanese)
Photo by Sadam Saito, Keizo Kioku
Edited by Kenji Kubota, Mifuyu Ishimizu
Designed by Yusaku Hosoya
Published by SNOW Contemporary

Excerpt from Tatsuo Kawaguchi "Vertical Time, or Stairway Time" (December 14th, 2014)

I started writing about relationship between stairways and art, but no one knows at all whether any relation between stairways and art exist. I am not only interested in understanding stairways with its actual function of going up and down, but also would like to understand it as a sculpture, or even more broadly, as a figurative manner of art which I believe has some point to say. Obviously, I am not simply reconsidering the concept of Ready-Made here.
When you go up and down a stairway, the weight of the person moves, but we also need to remember that our sights move at the same time here. When we normally walk on a flat road, our sight moves horizontally, but going up and down hills or stairways would make our sights go through a vertical move. Moving horizontally one meter would normally result as a one-meter move of sight - therefore, a one-meter vertical move should accordingly shift our sights vertically also. Do horizontal and vertical sight movements simply differentiate within the manner of movement change and sight change. Such could be true in away. However, when we speak of horizontal movements and vertical movements, I feel there is a slight difference within its relationship with the ground. A Horizontal move has a parallel relationship with the ground, however, a vertical move would mean being closer or further from the ground. Also, when we think of the relationship between the ground, a horizontal move would have a horizontal time move. If so, would it be that a vertical movement would contain stairway time, such as vertical time? Likewise, I believe stairways are a perfect motif/device upon considering slight changes. Leaving its function of going up and down, a stairway could also be a sculpture to reconsider our minds and more broadly enhance itself as art. Or perhaps, create one enabling itself as art.

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